Nurtur helps prevent social isolation amongst seniors. It is a co-sharing platform that empowers communities, to create engagements through the sharing of residents' accumulated knowledge and interests.



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Radhika Agrawal

Fanghui Song


Service Designer

Design Researcher

Visual Designer



January 2020-July 2020


In a Nutshell


Tackling Social Isolation Amongst Seniors in Camden

Amongst many of Camden's social issues, social isolation is largely prevalent within its neighbourhoods. More than 50% of seniors in Camden stay in one-person households and by 2020, 47% of London's working population will be above the age of 50. We have collaborated with Camden Council to see how we can tackle social isolation amongst seniors, in more sustainable ways.

Designing with COVID-19

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We initially had meetings with Camden council and conducted ethnographic research in Kentish town, our pilot area, with potential users. But with the onset of the pandemic, we moved our interviews online. To really understand our opportunities, we analysed their lives through co-creation workshops and photo journals. 

The Problem


Lack Of Support During Life Transitions 

We found retirement, lack of family member, sudden disability and illness are the three key transition points in senior’s later life. 


Seniors start losing their social connections that kept them going. During the ageing process, people will also require more support from their social network, to help transition, physically and emotionally.


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The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Adult Social


Camden Council

Analysing the Current Support Systems


We did in-depth interviews and workshops with major stakeholders, such as Elena from the Camden Council and Liana, Senior Support Co-ordinator from Adult Care. To have a more macro view of the social care systems, we interviewed several experts as well, such as Ivo from Good Gym, Rama from the Helen Hamlyn Centre and Amedeo from NextDoor. Talking to the seniors and other users was also crucial, so we did these over zoom calls


Beyond ourselves, there are 4 layers of support, in which we identified 5 problems, as shown below. With seniors being perceived as vulnerable in society, their value is often neglected. But, while talking to them, we were stunned by the abundance of experience they have, overall the years of work and living life.

The Issues

Kinship Pattern

Lack of Sense 

of Belonging

Lack of


Lack of Control

Social Stereotype

Finding Opportunities

The Coolest People

in the Room

Roger - Contributed hugely to the building of the Humber Bridge in London

Deh Ta - Talked about his love for cooking and how he went to India to teach Chinese cooking to increase the tourism activity there

Christine - Was a model for Yves Saint Laurent and Dior


"So we find there is a missed opportunity to reutilise senior’s accumulated knowledge and interests to empower their social support network and enhance their sense of agency."

In a way, boost community engagement across generations, "prescribing people to people" and shifting people's perceptions of seniors from being

vulnerable to visible 

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A Co-Sharing Platform, empowering seniors to have a higher engagement, within their communities, through the intergenerational sharing of accumulated knowledge and interests






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Neighbourhood Posters 

Local seniors empowered as ambassadors to create public awareness about their value

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Nurtur Pack

Delivered to seniors to help them understand the service from the comfort of their homes. 


Nurtur's Onboarding Street Fair

Residents get a unique opportunity to co-design their community activities through the community map shown. They will be able to share their skills and interests and see where they’d like to co-learn from each other in their neighborhood.

Nurtur App

Finally, we have local meeting hubs and a Nurtur app to continue nurturing the relationships. This helps residents find the right people and the right places to help, guide or spend time with them. 

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Who's part of Nurtur?

The Design Journey

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Our Design Journey

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